International Program


For the past five years, Creator’s Game and our partners have conducted mission trips to the Dominican Republic and during those trips have introduced its youth to the sport of lacrosse. Through our efforts, lacrosse has been taught to and played by dozens of kids in Los Alcarrizos, an impoverished municipality of Santo Domingo. Our annual trips include service projects as well as 3-4 days of lacrosse clinics and games for Dominican students attending Lighthouse School.

Over the years, our teams have built homes, churches, community centers, and sports facilities for the community of Los Alcarrizos. We have been able to get to know many families and have seen kids grow through the ministry of our lacrosse program. Along with the visible impact, we have made upon the city and its residents, we have seen many of our own team members’ lives changed from the experience.


We are excited to expand our work in the Dominican Republic in 2018. Along with our annual trip, we will be sending additional teams of coaches to the Dominican Republic with increased frequency so that the sport of lacrosse can be sustained. We also plan to give each athlete in our program a stick of his own to be able to practice year-round.


We plan to take Dominican Republic lacrosse to the world stage by the time of the 2022 Federation of International Lacrosse World Games. We will be assembling a team that will train and practice for this global tournament over the next 4 years. This goal creates amazing opportunities for the athletes with whom we have been working to become a gifted and driven team prepared to make a big statement in 2022.


We believe the sport of lacrosse should have no boundaries. We are prayerfully seeking new opportunities to impact communities throughout the globe.