Urban Development

About Our Urban Development Program

The sport of lacrosse is not accessible to a large portion of the United States population. The expensive price tag and the lack of programs available have caused lacrosse to be virtually non-existent in many communities. Meanwhile, the sport itself has continued to grow at a rapid pace, along with the opportunities afforded to its athletes. The unfortunate reality in the U.S. is that socioeconomic status often defines the sports in which kids are able to participate. Creator’s Game is changing that reality.

Our Urban Development Programs are making lacrosse available to the youth of all circumstances and backgrounds. We are providing lacrosse-based, spiritual leadership programs in underserved communities throughout Palm Beach County. Using the power of positive coaching, we encourage our athletes to better themselves as young men and women who are well-prepared to make a positive impact on the world. Our goal is to cultivate leaders with the ability to change the outcomes of their own lives and the lives of those in their communities.

Our Christ-centered programs, first and foremost, focus on spreading the love of Christ to all whom we serve. We share the life-changing truth of the Gospel in all of our programs. We are proud to have a staff and volunteer base of positive role models passionate about the youth in the communities in which we work.

Program Progression

Introduction Clinics
Athletes will learn the basics skills and rules of lacrosse

Organized Games
Kids in our program will play against one another in full lacrosse games

Recreation Program
Teams will be created and compete in a league over an extended period of time

Travel Teams
Select teams and athletes will have the opportunity to play in travel lacrosse tournaments against the best competition in the state

Spiritual Progression

Devotionals and Prayer
Each clinic will begin with prayer and a devotional

Creating Relationships
Our staff and volunteers will intentionally get to know kids and their families

Spiritual Mentoring
We will connect interested youth with mentors from our volunteer team who are committed to helping these young men navigate critical years in life while growing closer to the Lord

We know each community is unique and our programs are flexible and committed to addressing various needs to the best of our ability. We remain in communication with local leadership to ensure we meet those needs and fulfill our promises.