Creator's Game

Urban Programs

West Palm Beach (Twin Lakes) / Riviera Beach

Our neighborhood programs engage 9-13-year-olds with our dedicated coaching team to teach the fundamentals of lacrosse in their neighborhoods. Ending each session with a “huddle” allows for engagement with each player to teach the principles of faith and life.

Coaches often meet with players one-on-one to mentor them, spend time eating with them and offer a much-needed ear to listen. Activities range from playing basketball, watching professional lacrosse games, and hanging out at the playground.

The beauty in this approach is in the consistency and immersion in the lives of these young lives. Both communities have come together to form one U13 team who practices together weekly and plays multiple games in a season. With help from our partners at Urban Youth Impact, we are creating an opportunity for youth to play lacrosse and belong to a family.

Belle Glade

Our newest program hit the ground running in Belle Glade in partnership with Palm Beach County Recreation Department. We host weekly clinics with over 50 players ranging from U8-U14. We drive out with over 10 coaches and enough gear for every player twice a week. Coaches focus on 4-5 players each to get the crucial attention they need at the youth level. The fundamentals of lacrosse are emphasized along with leadership, teamwork, accountability, and work ethic. Spirituality is tied deeply into the roots of every session and always emphasized at the end with a word from a coach and a prayer from a player. After our first seasonal clinics, the U14 team had the opportunity to play in the Creator’s Cup tournament.